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What Can I Do

If you think you may have hearing loss, the first step is to see your local Hear Michigan specialist for a hearing test. The test will reveal if you have hearing loss and what type it is.  As always, it is FREE at Hear Michigan to have your hearing tested.

You can also take our online hearing evaluation to get an indication of whether or not you have hearing loss.

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Should the test diagnose you with a hearing loss or tinnitus, Hear Michigan can tell you whether it can be treated with hearing aids, and if so, which type of hearing aids would suit you best.

If your hearing care professional suspects you have conductive hearing loss, you’ll be referred to an ENT (Ear, Nose, and Throat) doctor for further examination.

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Take the First Step 

The first step towards treating your hearing loss is to visit Hear Michigan to get a FREE hearing evaluation and establish the type of hearing loss you have.

Wearing hearing aids means rediscovering the pleasures of life; gathering with friends and family, feeling more confident at work, and enjoying films, music and TV programs. Hearing aids mean living with all of your five senses again. Delaying tough decisions is a natural reaction, but confronting hearing loss as soon as possible will make it easier to deal with. The longer you leave it untreated, the harder it is for your brain to comprehend certain sounds because it no longer hears them every day.

HEAR MICHIGAN would love to help you enjoy life more abundantly by helping you get on the path of better hearing health!