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The Right Fit

Finding the Right Fit for You

There are a number of factors that we consider when choosing your hearing aids.


All aspects of your favorite activities are important for selecting the most appropriate hearing aids for your needs.  People’s lifestyles vary and can range from quiet to highly active. We will ask you a few questions about your activities to help us determine which category of hearing aids will fit your needs best.

Type of hearing aids

Each type of hearing loss is different, therefore, the challenges for the best amplification for your individual loss will be considered.

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The shape and size of the outer ear and ear canal may determine which type of hearing aids you can wear. We will examine your canal to determine your specific shape to ensure the best and most comfortable fit for you.

Technology of hearing aids

A combination of different technological features in the hearing aids may benefit your particular hearing loss. We can adjust your hearing aid to accommodate different programs to allow you to hear in many different environments and situations.  We may be able to offer special features based on the hearing aid type you have.  These can help with using the phone, dealing with wind noise reduction, and a variety of different lifestyle needs.

Volume control and program button

Some hearing aids adjust automatically, while others have manual controls for volume and/or alternating between listening programs. Your Hearing Health Specialist will help identify what your specific desires and needs are.